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Anyone who has ever felt the tickle of a whisker on their cheek, the surge off the ground as they take flight over a fence, or simply enjoyed the peace of riding out on a trail, has experienced the magic of horses.

Equestrians are a dedicated bunch and spend a lot of money to preserve that horse magic. They want their horses content, sound, ready to perform, and looking good. And they want the same for themselves.

In the US, equestrians spend $38.8 Billion every year on horse-related goods and services.

I’m deeply familiar with this because I contribute to this $38.8 Billion, and have for many years.

I understand riders, competitors, horse owners, and parents to riders, and I understand what makes them buy.

My in-the-know, well-researched, storytelling content can help you increase your visibility, trust, and reputation in the equestrian industry.

My insider’s perspective means my content will connect with and convert your unique audience.

What I can do for YOU:

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Equestrian Statistics Tell a Compelling Story  

9.2 million horses and 38 million horse enthusiasts translate to a whole lot of horse products and rider gear needed to keep horses and riders equipped. $38 billion to be exact. $371 million is spent every year on keeping horses fed. $73 million on outfitting riders.

Content marketing done correctly can help you gain a bigger share of this market.

Content Marketing generates 3X as many leads and costs 62% less than traditional advertising. Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more lead growth than businesses without blogs. 61% of online consumers made a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog.

How My Content Marketing Benefits YOU

  • Grows your audience
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Helps you stand apart from the competition
  • Increases leads
  • Increases conversions
  • Increases sales to current customers


A selection of some of my work. You can check out more of my writing here.

A feature article for Canada’s leading equestrian magazine, Horse Sport.

A profile piece for Canada’s leading equestrian magazine, Horse Sport.

An interview with a rider for The Horse Network.


On the occasions that Anne has provided articles for Horse Sport magazine, they have been well-written, thorough, and presented on time. She is a pleasant and accommodating professional freelance writer and I would not hesitate to approach her for future writing assignments.

Anne is a fantastic collaborator. She’s a good listener and a thoughtful strategizer and problem-solver. Those skills translate into writing that is insightful on the page. Anne is an excellent writer, creative with her ideas and precise with her words. She has a natural storytelling voice and is good at capturing details that characterize a place, person or situation. She has special skill at brainstorming and working together in real time, then backs that up with a solid work ethic and follow-through. She’s also a talented editor who brings a keen analytic eye and strong copy editing skills. Anne is a joy to work with — she’s professional, responsible, reliable, communicative, and fun.

Rebecca Brams, Writing Partner

It’s been a delight working with Anne for six years and I recommend her with great enthusiasm. She is always reliable and professional, and she truly cares about serving all her clients. She likes going the extra mile to help clients meet their goals and is very attentive to each client’s individual needs. She consistently meets deadlines and works well under pressure. She is also creative, great at thinking outside the box, and has a fun sense of humor!

Tami Shulman, Zip Code Magazines - Co-Worker

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