Helping Writers Write Stories That Sell

“A word after a word after a word is POWER”

Margaret Atwood


Anne is a fantastic collaborator and listener, and a thoughtful strategizer and problem-solver. She has a special skill at brainstorming and is a talented editor with a keen analytic eye. She has edited short stories and essays that I’ve published, and helped me through multiple drafts of a complex historical fiction novel. Anne is a joy to have by your side through the writing process.


I have four kids and I always struggled to find time to write. The first week working with Anne I wrote every day and came up with ideas for what I wanted to write. With her support I saw that if I have time to brush my teeth or make a cup of coffee, I have time to write! She showed me how to fit writing into my busy life in a really manageable way. Thanks to Anne, writing is now part of my daily routine!


Anne recently did a deep developmental edit of my novel where she broke down every character by scene and story beat. She helped me step back and look at my work in a big picture way. Her sensitivity, deep storytelling knowledge, understanding of story structure – one of my weaknesses – and talent for bringing out the best in my writing were invaluable. Her edit got the novel ready to send out to agents.