My Horse Facts

Almost everything I learned about horses I learned first from ponies.

I breezed racehorses in Western Australia.

I’ve felt the wind in my face while astride an appaloosa high in the Rocky Mountains, with nothing around but miles and miles of wilderness.

Horses kept me grounded during a ten year stint in Hollywood where I honed my storytelling skills working with screenwriters, studio execs, producers, agents and George Clooney.

My two girls sat on horses before they could walk. Now they’re teenagers and usually walk as well as they ride.

We don’t live with our horses but sometimes it feels like we do. Feed bags are stored in the garage, bits of tack invade every corner, and the washing machine churns breeches, tall socks, and saddle pads on the delicate cycle 24/7.

Horses keep it real all the time in Las Vegas where I’ve developed strong marketing skills in a marketing and sales position.

What does all this mean for you?

My in depth knowledge of everything horses + storytelling prowess + marketing skills + desire to serve horses by helping equestrian businesses = Bigger audience + more leads + more sales for you

Anne Helmstadter