The Wretched Ponies We Love

Pepper in the 1970s I recently interviewed Canadian Olympic rider Beth Underhill for The Horse Network. She talked about Teddy, “a wretched, wretched pony” she had as a child who used to run her under the apple tree and knock her off. But Teddy, she went on to explain, really taught her how to ride, “how to gain a horse’s trust,” and the value of perseverance. The Horse Network also published a story on Amy Millar, famous Canadian rider Ian Millar’s daughter, and now a successful rider herself, on what it was like growing up Millar. Amy also references her [...]

How Missing Spurs Develop Grit

Missing Spurs hiding in the car boot bin We have a problem in our house (and at our barn): Missing Spurs. Spurs take on a life of their own and disappear. All the time. But especially after horse shows. This is puzzling. Is there a spur-eating monster at our barn? No. Are the horses sneaking out of their stalls at night, hunting down the offending spurs and hiding them? No. (But I know many who, given the opportunity, would do just this). Are mice scurrying off with the spurs to use them as comfy bed-building material? Uh, no. I’m [...]

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My Bit Collection

This is my bit collection, accumulated over many years. Other bits currently in use aren’t pictured here: The Myler Pelham that helps my daughter stop Lulu, her jumper, at the shows; the elevator bit that stops Lulu at home; the copper roller that helps the little girls keep our paint pony’s head up; the slow twist full cheek that assists me with smoother transitions on Devon, my Thoroughbred. […]

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